Events for Married Couples

”God the Father is not only making things a little bit better, but he is restoring the blessing that was meant for marriages and families from the very beginning.”

The greatest blessing in this world is to see each other as spouses in the same way that God the Father sees us. We could be ourselves and walk hand in hand, enjoying the beauty of life. We could live compassionately, sharing the deepest sentiments of the heart, we could cry without shame, guilt or feelings of rejection, and we would feel the comforting love of the Father flowing to one another. The reality of love would fill every moment of our life in our home, so that romance, tenderness and openness would satisfy all the needs of our hearts. We would feel and see the most wonderful beauty, created by the Father for the two of us, spring up in the garden of our marriage. The life on earth could hardly be more beautiful than this.

The events for married couples focus on what the Father's love does in the marriage

God the Father wants to restore joy in marriages! In his love marriages are healed and restored.

When married couples and families are able to return to the foundation of love, the result will be a change in the whole church of Christ and the world.

Teaching in the events for married couples

The teaching during the events for married couples is based on the ‘A’ School. Therefore, the participants must first attend a Fatherheart ‘A’ School. The teaching will help us to see with new eyes the biblical foundation and the blessing which was meant for the marriage, and see the distortions and beliefs that have caused problems in marriages and families.

We have experienced that the joy, love and freedom in the marriage comes from the hearts of the spouses. That is why the teaching focuses on the transformation of the heart. The teachers share openly their own experiences about painful issues in their marriage and how Father has helped them come through by changing their hearts. We want to see married couples receiving an overflowing joy, peace, freedom, protection and the amazing blessing of Father’s love.

Each event for married couples is different

Over the years we have noticed how uniquely different each event for married couples is as we are led by the Holy Spirit’s directing. We want to be faithful to what God has given to us as a ministry. During the event we will cover the following areas:

Marriage is a great blessing

The desire of God’s heart is to bless marriages much more than we have realised. His blessing is present every moment of the marriage.


The relationship between the spouses is based on a personal relationship with the Father.

Opening the eyes of the heart

When the eyes of the heart are opened, the spouses start to see each other in the same way as the Father sees them. All this change will come by the changing of the hearts, not by learning or teaching.

Comfort in marriage

As a married couple we need comfort, but we are able to comfort each other only with the comfort we have received from the Father, because true comfort comes from him.

Testimonies of those who have participated in the events for married couples

Romance, beauty, joy and freedom

Marriage, as the Father intended it to be, is the most beautiful thing on earth. The spouces can receive purity, romance, beauty and perfect joy and freedom, where there is no guilt or shame.

Equality, companionship and respect

When God’s blessing is on the marriage, competition caused by orphanness is removed and replaced by companionship and respect. Living in forgiveness becomes an everyday reality. 

Restoring the marriage

God said: “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness” (Genesis 1:27). To reveal his whole image, God created male and female. When the Father’s love unites man and woman, they can manifest God’s image even more fully in this world.

Next event for married couples takes place in Autumn 2023