Free recordings from Fatherheart Events

1. Encountering with God. Mark Head. Testimony: Leenu. 23.10.2021

2. Place prepared for being loved. Mark Head. Testimony: Raino Turkki; music: Katja Stefanovic. 23.10.2021

3. He releases anointing for you. Mark Head, Pekka Daniel. Testimony: Miika Kuusisto; music: Katja Stefanovic. 23.10.2021


Fatherheart A-School week’s open evening. (Interpretation begins at 20 minutes)
Pekka Daniel, Helene King, Dass Supperamaniam, 26.7.2018

Resurrection life.  Stephen Hill. Living and Growing in Father’s Love, 23-28.2.2018

Fatherheart A-School week’s open evening. Helene King, 26.10.2017

Fatherheart A-School week’s open evening. Dass Supperamaniam, 28.3.2017

Message to the Nation.  Mark Head – 2016


You already are in the feast!  Eric De Kruik, 31.10.2014

How does it look like to live as a son?  Helene King, Mark Gyde, 10.6.2014

My testimony, we’re all on a journey.  John MacDonald, 11.4.2014

Jesus came to glorify the Father.  James Jordan, 6.4.2014

Comforting the orphan.  John MacDonald, 25.7.2013

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