Future Fatherheart Events in Finland

List of Upcoming Events
Fatherheart Ministries Re-union in New Zealand
, - 3.3.2023 - 31.3.2023

Re-union is a one-month gathering for people who have been part of fhm ministries and have attended at least one FHM school. The focus is to bring people who want a deeper union with father and with one another.
Re-union will centre around teachings, group discussions, food, fun, rest, and meditation. Re-union will create a nurturing environment for us to grow in awareness of god in us and grow in imparting the heart of father.

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Growing in Sonship
Päiväkummun kurssikeskus / Päiväkumpu Center, Orivesi - 19.3.2023 - 22.3.2023

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