Testimonies of those who have participated in the events for married couples

Nico and Petra | 24.3.2021 |

“We were all more or less amazed if this could even be true. It felt like God the Father was pulling us into something new and unexplored, and we got to taste it.”

“Deeper from heart to heart” are the first words that come to mind when I think of the event for married couples that my spouse Petra-Maria and I attended. There was a very special and intense atmosphere in the event. I actually think all of us participants were more or less amazed if this could even be true. It felt like God the Father was pulling us into something new and unexplored, and we got to taste it. Towards the kind of relationship that HE has reserved for us — together as married couples and in relation to him, our Father.

What was shared at the event seemed to be on a new level and stronger than before. My own experience was that “every word hit and sank deep”. During the event, we didn’t learn to be better spouses by changing our behaviour, but we could have our hearts open towards God the Father and be changed in his presence and by the touch of his love. I felt like I was being “processed” by the Father in a deeper way. He cast his loving glance deeper into me, and I could look deeper into who he was. In his love, we shall all be changed, even I who have been so hard, icy, and closed. I have actually created walls between me and my spouse, and the Father has gently been showing them and breaking them down along the journey of life. On Sunday, the Father showed me how I still, as a husband, often find it difficult to be weak in relation to my spouse. And also how difficult it is sometimes (too often) to reveal one’s own vulnerability or need. Or open one’s heart and share one’s deepest feelings. Luckily, I have an absolutely awesome Father who always helps me. As his love gains more space in me, everything else follows by itself. It is really liberating!

A real highlight of the event was when we all together could press close to our spouses, maybe say unspoken words, forgive or ask forgiveness, love each other, look at each other deep in the eyes while singing into each other’s hearts (to the accompaniment of Marjut and Pekka Daniel). And just be close! Perhaps in that moment I looked deeper into my wife’s heart than ever before.

“The glory of God is man fully alive”. “The glory of God is husband and wife fully alive, together”. Although these words may not have even been spoken at this event, they remained echoing inside me after Sunday morning. So much life “fully alive” flowed in this event. It strengthened my faith and my innermost being, and a divine hope for something much bigger grew within me. It was as if we had been visiting another world, filled with love. And yet, that “other world” is meant for each of us every day of our life. In our home, there is a picture recently hung there that says, “Finding close — it is the most important journey of life.”