The Father opened my heart

Sara Pauliina | 24.3.2021 |

”During the Fatherheart school Love fulfilled the deepest longing of my heart. Since then, nothing has been the same. Life has taken on a whole new dimension, or, actually, all dimensions have vanished!”

I went to my first Fatherheart school not knowing much where I was going. There was just a real longing inside me to experience the heavenly Father’s love for me. I was saved as a teenager and after that I found a church fellowship. I knew Jesus personally and wanted a deeper relationship with him. However, I often thought that the Christianity I was experiencing seemed to be spinning in place, as if something was missing. Even though I experienced growth in my spiritual life, I felt a great contradiction between that and my everyday life. This was especially evident in relation to my parents. Many times I was aware of my coldness towards them, but I just couldn’t change my behavior. I had a problem for which I could do nothing. 

At the beginning of the week there was teaching about the heart, and I felt that this was the moment I had been waiting for. I wanted to open my heart but I felt I couldn’t do it. In my distress I asked the Father to help me, and that very moment I experienced how he opened my heart. That’s when I saw into the core of my heart and, to my horror, I noticed it was full of utter loneliness. It broke me. But the next morning my indescribable loneliness was gone.

After the school week, I started noticing that something had changed. Now, years later, I can say that everything changed, and is still changing. Father has restored my relationship with my parents, and countless other parts in me have been restored as well. Over and over again I keep noticing how his amazing love for me accomplishes everything. It is the answer to everything in my life, and the fact that I experience him loving me right now makes me free to live a childlike life as his daughter.

Since my childhood I have always experienced that there is a greater life than what I see around me. Now I am beginning to experience that it is really true: there is, already now, a greater life for us, which is simple, easy and light, full of joy and freedom — and this life is our Father, Love himself.