Kuva Juha todistus

Papa invited me on an adventure with him

Juha | 3.6.2024 |

In the summer of 2020 I attended my first A school in Eurajoki. I had heard a lot of good and wonderful things about the A schools. My first school went by listening and wondering “can that be possible”. I didn’t dare to let go and throw myself, yet. I’ve always been a very strong rationalist, and it was the same during my first school.

But still, there was something about that week. Something that encouraged me to participate in the next school, later that year. It was during that week that the eyes of my heart were opened. Slowly and gently the Father helped my eyes open and experience what the Father’s love really means. The most significant moment of that week was when I was able to forgive my own parents and also ask for their forgiveness.

I was able to come before God, loved exactly as I am, and I could let go of the demands I had towards God. I was no longer trading in my own “good” deeds with Papa, but I was able to receive everything as a gift from a loving Father. The words in the first letter of John “God is Love” took on an entirely new meaning. While they had previously been a string of beautiful words for me, now they came to life and became concrete.

However, this was only the beginning. Papa invited me to join him on an adventure. Together with him, I have been able to walk the path forward. Sometimes the path is wide and easy to travel like a forest road, and sometimes it is almost invisible and difficult to walk. At every step, however, my Father walks with me, and he will not forsake me, no matter how many times I fall.

I don’t know where the path will lead. All I can do is enjoy the journey and the scenery, walk hand in hand with my Father, because he knows our route and the best scenery.