I could be a little girl again

Lotta-Sofia | 24.3.2021 |

“I came to the A School without any expectations, but the revelation of the Father’s love left a seed in my heart. Finally, my heart began to understand what this was all about —  it was about this love that gently captured my heart and changed me. My life turned into an exciting adventure!”

Before my first A School I had already completed a three-year Bible school, so I came along with a friend without any expectations. There was basically nothing new in the teaching, but my heart began to receive something new, which I had no words for. I began to read and listen to the teachings and I wanted to come again. Little by little I began to understand that I hadn’t really known what it was to be loved unconditionally. Although I had received love I had also been hurt, and I had closed my heart in many areas. Now I dared to throw myself into receiving comfort. I could be a little girl again, with a Father who takes care of me. My childhood was not very safe, so this was a new feeling. I was able to just be and receive, and nothing was required of me.

I have always been a positive person, but now I noticed that my life became light. I instinctively began to joke, and dancing came back to my life after a break of many years. My family noticed the change in me and my oldest children came along with me to the schools. They had had bad experiences in Christian circles before, but the loving atmosphere touched them and their Christian lives were renewed.

My husband is on the same journey with me and I can see an amazing change in him, too. My whole family has experienced renewal and nowadays we have lots of fun together. We are also part of the Fatherheart family and it is an awesome bunch of people! I have found wonderful friends and life has turned into an exciting adventure, because you never know what will happen next. Last autumn, I found myself in New Zealand, and all the arrangements went really well. After all, my Father is the almighty God and he wants the best for his daughter! I am still digesting this revelation, and every day my heart understands a little bit more about it.