The God and Father of all comfort

Ella | 12.5.2024 |

The Father’s love and comfort have become my lifeblood; it has changed almost everything in my life. I have been able to experience the Father’s deep comfort in so many things and in different areas of life.

It is perhaps most visible in my relationship with my husband and children, my own family. The comfort that the Father gives me has taken away my need to try to control others, especially my spouse. Love has brought such freedom to experience joy in what and who I am. It has brought tremendous compassion towards myself and others as well, compassion for humanity. Even my compassion for my dog has grown. All this has also increased my own understanding of what the Father is like. If I am able to experience this, even a little bit, how much more does the Father have compassion, love and tenderness towards me!

Experiencing the Father’s love has brought me a different kind of freedom to enjoy life. I feel how the little things which I enjoy and about which I sometimes used to feel guilty or belittled, are particularly pleasing to the Father and he enjoys those things as well. Like, for example, techno music from the 90s or just sitting in cafes.

The Father’s comfort is available all the time. If I hear or see something during the day that feels bad or tries to make me worry, there is a need in my heart to whisper to the Father: “Please, comfort me now”. Then I can feel how peace descends into my heart again and there is nothing to worry about.

In all simplicity, I can just be a little girl, I don’t need to have all the answers or any opinions about big questions. I can freely enjoy life, trusting that whatever comes my way, there is always more comfort available.