I am loved – my Father’s favourite child

Pirketta | 12.5.2024 |

The Fatherheart schools have changed my life. I got a new identity as a beloved daughter of my heavenly Father. I am free to be exactly what I was created to be. Time after time, God, my Father has raised me from death to life and brought comfort to my sorrows. Now I look at my life with new eyes, in wonder: Life is an adventure with the Father.

A great longing and search for God’s love brought me to A school in 2013. I didn’t know where I had come. At that point, my journey with Jesus had lasted 10 years. I was very broken, lost, haunted by nightmares, and felt like a failure in many ways. During my first A schools I didn’t experience much, or at least I thought so. It was hard for me to receive love. A lot of pain rose up inside me and I was wondering: can I survive this? Only later did I understand the meaning of pain and that it was not in vain; God wants to go to the bottom of it and take away all the pain. Inside me there was a big lie, which said that God had abandoned me because of my mistakes and because I was not good enough. I judged myself. I was hopeless and sometimes had suicidal thoughts. God encouraged me in my pain. He has always been there for me, in everything. Everyone is important to him, and nothing can separate me from His love. He has promised me joy. He said He wanted to be the Father to me that I never had.

In my great longing, I kept coming back to the schools and events, again and again. My heart recognized the love and the truth. I was welcome the way I was. I experienced compassion. I saw families and marriages that God had been allowed to love and change. I wanted to have the same. God began to remove the barriers from my heart, the condemnation and guilt, which were hindering me to experience love. I was able to receive the gift of forgiveness. Little by little I started to experience God’s presence and goodness. My relationships with others changed. God became my Father and Mother, with whom I can be completely honest. I can pour out all my feelings to him and receive comfort from him. The Father has never abandoned me but is present every moment and loves me so much! It has been and still is a great joy. He accepts me in all my weakness and craziness and understands me completely. The Father rejoices in me and I rejoice in Him! I’m so excited about this love and I’m amazed that all this has come to me. I have an explosive feeling inside me that there is still so much more to come, of which I have only a faint inkling. This changes absolutely everything, and this is for everyone! Thank you, Father, I love you!