The dream that Fatherheart Finland has for our nation and for Europe

Fatherheart Finland was founded in 2009. James Jordan, the leader of Fatherheart Ministries, had visited Finland several times during 2003–2006, and his ministry was the stimulating factor which finally led to the founding of Fatherheart Finland.

Right from those early years, 2009–2010, we began to have a dream for a Fatherheart Centre in Finland. This dream has grown stronger year by year. We believe that this dream has come from the Father’s heart for this nation and for the whole Europe. We also believe that the Father has called Fatherheart Ministries to be a prophetic signpost of the revelation of Father’s love to the church and to the world. Fatherheart Ministries operates in 50 different countries, and Fatherheart Finland is part of this ministry. Although the ministry is worldwide, the primary desire of our hearts is to show love to our own people. Our nation needs God’s fathering love more than anything. What else can bring healing for individuals, families and society?

The activities of Fatherheart Finland have multiplied over the years. During this time we have done Fatherheart schools and other Fatherheart events with full board service in rental venues. Finding venues to meet our needs has proven more and more challenging as we consider prices, the quality of venues, the increased number of events, and the amount of work involved for our team. We have also noticed that using rental venues limits the increase of the ministry. Our aim is that the participants would be able to experience Father’s love at the heart level and receive healing for their hearts. This means the venue has to meet certain requirements, which we have begun to pay more and more attention to. We consider it to be very important that these events would be life-changing experiences to the participants. A permanent venue or a centre of our own would release the activities of Fatherheart Finland into a whole new dimension. There are many dreams in our hearts as regards sharing Father’s love to our nation and to Europe. We would like to encounter not only adults but also families, children and young people. We believe that we could have in Finland also European Fatherheart Bible schools and many other international Fatherheart events.

Father’s love to the new generation

The attendance of young adults in different events has been increasing in recent years. We believe that we are called to share this revelation with the new generation. We believe that this new generation will see and receive an outpouring of Father’s love and see the change that it brings about in the world in a way that no previous generation has experienced. They will be able to express their experience of love in an unprecedentedly strong and pure way. It conveys great freedom and the tenderness and compassion of Father’s heart. It will happen in many different ways and very naturally, because living in love has become their passion and their only purpose in life. They will bring the message of restoration through movies, music and art. Many of them will teach and preach Father’s love in our country and in other countries as well. We believe that all that we are experiencing now, though it is very special, is only the beginning, compared to what the new generation will see and experience.

The things that we believe the new generation is going to experience, encourage us today to take steps towards it. We would like to give children, teenagers, young adults and families an opportunity to participate in Fatherheart events. This means that we need to have at our disposal a certain kind of a centre, because in this way we can also manage the attendance fees.

What kind of a place does Fatherheart Finland need?

The centre should be located in Southern Finland, as close as possible to the Helsinki area, and the place should be peaceful and scenically situated. We consider it important for every participant to be able to receive Father’s love and process the things in their heart in a restful environment. Being Finns, we also value good saunas as a vital part of the whole, and a location by a lake would be a bonus.

Our dream is that it would be possible to have two separate events simultaneously at the centre and that the whole centre or parts of it could be rented with full board service to other users, our own schedule permitting. The centre should have the capacity to accommodate 120–180 persons, and the dining hall should seat equally many. We value rooms that are air-conditioned, peaceful and of high quality, in order to enable a good night’s rest. As many rooms as possible should be single or double rooms with en suite WC and shower. Accommodation in a room like this has proved to be a great help in receiving the message.

We value a light and spacious, well air-conditioned meeting hall, which would suit the needs of different events. The chairs should be of high quality, so that it would be comfortable to sit in them during events which run for several days. The meeting hall should also be acoustically enjoyable and correspond to our technical needs. Combined with the hall there should be a suitable place for Fatherheart resources.

Our dream is that in the centre there would also be a good “retreat room”, where anyone could come whenever they want to spend time in the atmosphere of Father’s love. In the retreat room there could be a library where all the products about Father’s love would be available for everyone to read and listen to. We believe that many people would like to spend retreat time in the Fatherheart Centre.

The dream of a Fatherheart Centre in Finland lives in our hearts, and we believe it will come true on the schedule that the Father has on his heart for our nation and Europe.