Bank account details of the association and donations

The association receives donations to support its activities. The donations are spent on the association’s activities and for organizing Fatherheart events, conferences and schools. According to its funds, the association assists pastors and other church workers in participating in Fatherheart events and gives donations for organizing Fatherheart schools and events in Europe and other countries.

Salaries and other expenses of the association are based on free donations. The association is non-profit making, so the fees from schools and conferences do not cover the monthly expenses. We are grateful that you find the work of Fatherheart Finland valuable and want to support us financially. Thank you for your gift!

Beneficiary:       Fatherheart Finland ry

IBAN number:   FI 67 1519 3000 1783 15



the association’s activities:      1 0 1 2

Reference for salaries:                9 0 0 1

Reference for work in Europe

and other countries:                      5 0 0 5

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