Events for men and women

We have noticed that men and women have a very different starting point for the healing of their heart. During the weekends for men and women we want, by way of teaching and discussion, to meet the participants’ special needs and help them to discover their heart and to open it to receive Father’s love.

During the weekend you will hear sound biblical teaching about living as a man or a woman in the way that God intended. The teachers share openly from their own experiences of how they have encountered the love of the Father and how it has started to affect their daily life in their family, marriage, children and relationship to their parents and other people. The events for men and women are like opening the door for the healing of your own heart, and these weekends have become a strong support for living in Father’s love.

Participating in the events for men and women is open for everyone and does not require attending Fatherheart A school. These weekends are a special support for living in love and therefore it is recommended that also those who have attended an A school would participate in the weekends for men and women.