The aim of Fatherheart Ministries Conferences

We have noticed that there is a great hunger for Father’s love in our nation. The hunger for pure love is evident not only in the church but also in our nation and the world. The aim of our Fatherheart conferences is not to seek big crowds or to arrange events for their own sake. The aim is that hungry people discover the revelation of Father’s love, and then watch the seed of that love beginning to grow in their hearts. The conferences are open to all Christians. People from many denominations have participated in these conferences, and equally many have not had any contact with a local church before.

The revelation of Father’s love is shared in Fatherheart conferences. Speakers, approved by Fatherheart Ministries, share openly how encountering the love of the Father has changed their life. The teaching creates a biblical foundation to what God is now doing all over the world, restoring families and his church into love and an intimate relationship with him. The conferences bring revelation of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God who loves us personally as a Father, as well as of the central subject of Christianity, the freedom of the children of God. The message of Father’s love touches adults, young people and children alike. In the conferences information is also given about Fatherheart schools which are the central part of the ministry of Fatherheart Ministries.

Fatherheart Finland organizes Fatherheart conferences together with local Christians or churches and brings a ministry team to help with different practical areas of the conference, such as speakers, interpreters, worship team, people to take care of the resources table and sound system, as well as the prayer ministry team. Fatherheart Finland also organizes the advertising of the conference. A plan how to organize the practical things of the conference is made together with the arrangers.

Conference speakers

The conference speakers are Fatherheart A school teachers or teamleaders from Finland, Europe or elsewhere, who are approved by Fatherheart Ministries. Fatherheart Finland also has interpreters available when needed.