What are the events Living and Growing in Father's Love?

Fatherheart Finland organizes special events for those who have attended an A School. A Fatherheart Ministries A School gives the participant a clear biblical foundation to live the Christian life being rooted in Father's love. However, the A School is just the beginning of the journey. The revelation of Father's amazing love means being on a journey, and this journey continues for the rest of our lives. We don't just suddenly "get" the revelation of Father's love, but it is a life-long journey into knowing his love in a deeper way andliving in it. Growing as a Christian means to be able to receive Father's love more and more.

Living and Growing in Father's Love is a five-day event. It is like giving "water to the soil" so that the seed oflove might start to grow and produce fruit of love in us. The main focus of the teaching is how to live as sons and daughters to the Father. The teachers in these events are Fatherheart Ministries team leaders and A School teachers. Additionally, many people who have participated in A Schools share their own experiences of how Father's love has affected their lives. All participants must have attended a Fatherheart Ministries A School prior to attending a Living and Growing event.