What are Weekends for Married Couples?

These days families and marriages are under great pressure, more than ever they are being tested and their foundations shaken. Yet, marriage and family form the foundation of the society. God designed everything to function well. In the Garden perfect love was present all the time. There was freedom, perfect joy and peace. In the fall everything that Father God had planned was lost as shame, rejection, guilt, death and fear entered the human heart. Since then there has been a great desire on Father's heart to restore to marriages and families all that has been stolen.

God is restoring marriages and families. He is not only making things a little bit better but he is restoring marriages and families into the full measure of love. The fulfilment of this promise is true today. We are hearing testimonies from married couples all over the world about Father's love coming into their marriages and changing everything.

Malachi 4:6 says: “He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.” This is a great prophetic promise that touches the whole world, but especially marriages and families. God the Father is healing the hearts: “he will turn“. It is about the Father restoring the marriages, it is not about something we could learn and accomplish by ourselves. He who designed the marriage and the family, knows how it functions. When married couples and families are able to return to the foundation of love, the result will be a change in the whole church of Christ and the world.

The teaching during the weekends for married couples is based on the A School. The teaching will help us to see with new eyes the biblical foundation and the blessing which was meant for the marriage, and see the distortions and beliefs that have caused problems in marriages and families. We have experienced that the joy, love and freedom in the marriage comes from the hearts of the spouses. The main goal is not to focus on changing external things, but the teachers share openly their own experiences about painful issues in their marriage and how Father has helped them come through. We
want to see married couples receiving an overflowing joy, peace, freedom, protection and the amazing blessing of Father's love.

Fatherheart weekends for married couples are for those who have attended Fatherheart Ministries A Schools. We would recommend that the spouses participate in different A schools, in order to be able to freely process the issues of their own heart. In the weekends for married couples, Fatherheart Ministries team leaders and A school teachers teach as married couples. Also many couples who have participated in A schools share their own experiences about the impact of Father's love in their marriage. The programme in these weekends is very rich and focuses on fellowship.