Fatherheart Ministries, James ja Denise Jordan

Fatherheart Ministries is led by James and Denise Jordan from New Zealand. In 1979 James received a powerful personal revelation of God as his Father, and this experience completely changed his relationship with God and brought about a transformation in his ministry. He came under the ministry of Jack Winter from the USA, who became a spiritual father to James and Denise.

Since 1997 they have shared the revelation of the Father’s heart all over the world. They carry the desire in their hearts to bring a revelation to people of how they can actually walk in Father’s love and experience his love on a daily basis.

Fatherheart Ministries organize conferences and schools all over the world. James and Denise have also started a 3-month Bible school called “Inheriting the Nations” in New Zealand. Their ministry base, Eden Centre, is located in Taupo, New Zealand.

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For further information, please visit www.fatherheart.net.