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It was an amazing event with Barry

It was an amazing event with Barry

The presence of God and his love was strong in the meetings.

When Barry was speaking, I was responding like a little girl: (inside I was jumping up and down and I was saying: Yes, Yes, give it to me, I take it!

Many things became so real and alive in me.

The kingdom of God belongs to little children. It’s not my effort or qualifications that opens up the kingdom. Nor can I earn or deserve it. That is so liberating. You don’t need to do anything. Just have an open heart and receive his love and become like a little child, who needs his dad.

Barry was talking about ”remain in love”. It touched my heart deeply. To stay in the vine, remain there, in his love, make your home there. Stay little.

Psalm 131 spoke to my heart.

The little girl